Get a Tip: Fabric Markers

I have stumbled upon something great to share with you all; a sewing essential.
Fabric Markers.
No, I'm not talking about fabric markers that you can use to color and decorate fabric, I'm talking pens, markers, chalk, etc.
Whaaaat? I bet you are thinking, "Boring!"
Here me out.
I've used them, but let me tell you, I never knew there were this many different options for marking fabric.

Molly over at The Purl Bee has put together a fantastic collection of the different fabric markers out there, what they are used for and why they should be in your sewing essentials kit.

"Marking tools are one of the most useful pieces of a sewing kit, and there are so many different kinds! The marks they make can show you where to cut, where to fold or where to stitch. They can make a permanent or temporary line, and they're available in many different colors including yellow, blue, red, white and more. The secret to making your markers work for you is knowing which marker is the right one for your project. There is no such thing as the all-purpose perfect marker so it's important to familiarize yourself with the different uses of each kind. "
Learn more about the purpose and type of each marker including:
the Hera Marker, Tailor's Chalk, Water & Air Erasable Markers and Transfer Pencils 

 Some seriously great information.  Head on over now and learn more about all the ways you can use fabric marking tools!

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Feature: Country Girls

Welcome to Feature Wednesday.
Today we have a beauty, Country Girls by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake Designs.
How stinkin' cute is this?
So you've heard me gush about my love of greys and mustards, right?  Well, if it's possible, I think I may be more in love with navy and emerald green even more!
The little ducks, the tiny flowers.  Adorable.
I have a secret dream of really being able to be a country girl. 
I dream of owning a farm.  Being out in the country, away from all the traffic and busy of cities. Being out in the quiet.
When I look at the print with the girl feeding the ducks {below} just makes me want it even more.
Seriously, doesn't the country girl life just seem so nice.  {Hard work, yes.} 
The pinwheel patterns are another fantastic touch. Throw in the touch of pinks and you have the ultimate collection of an adorable girly project!
We offer this lovely line in pre-cuts and yardage.  Come check it out at SouthernFabric.com


Let's have a party!

So, It's no surprise that I'm in love with April Showers by Bonnie & Camille.
I mean I could rattle off a list of reasons why, but they are obvious.
 So when Lisa from In the Boon Docks sent us this Party Dress:
{photos from Julia}
I just added another reason to love April Showers.  How stinkin' cute is this dress??!? {Helos that the model is darling, herself!}

And, this post just keeps getting better!
Do YOU wanna make this dress?
Well you can, with a free pattern.
The Party Dress Pattern from The Cottage Mama
All you have to do is click on the link above and subscribe to The Cottage Mama's newsletter {trust me, you'll wanna do this even if it wasn't for the free pattern, she's got some awesome stuff going on over there!}


Here's the Deal.

 Here's the scoop on what's on sale this week at SouthernFabric.com
Enjoy Lario by 3 Sisters, half off!

Vintage Verona by Emily Taylor


Southern Fabric like you've never seen before!

You guys, I have something exciting to share with you.
So, I've always been one of those visual learners.  
I would rather see a whole lot of pictures than be stuck reading pages of words.
Pictures are more fun to look at anyway, right?!
What's even better than pictures? 
Guys, we are on YouTube now!
What does this mean for you?
Well, each week, you guys can head on over to our channel on YouTube and check out new videos to catch sneak peaks of new collections in our shop, tutorials and more!

So head on over here:
 Southern Fabric on YouTube

Here's a sample of what you will see:
A sneak peak at Pepe in Paris by Riley Blake Designs.

Get up close and personal with our fabrics, learn new tips, and make new things.

Head on over now!  Subscribe and make it even easier to stay up to date with all things new in fabric from SouthernFabric.com!


Need something new?

I get so giddy when I get to introduce the new items we have for you!
I'm in love with this, particularly the reds.  Okay, and the emerald greens and navys as well.
I 'mustache' you a question!
Geekly Mustache by Riley Blake
SO Fun!
Be take away to another country {unless you are from Paris, in that case, embrace your home!}
Pepe in Paris by Riley Blake


How To: Cleaning Tips

Okay. Confession time.
I love having carpet in my sewing room. Why? I just love carpet in general cause it's never cold or hot. I can sit down and do my projects and not get a sore rear, but best of all, because it hides the huge mess of scraps and threads and strings and things that get dripped and thrown while I'm crafting better than with other flooring.
I hate trying to clean it up.
It's constantly getting tangled in my vacuum, or tangled around tiny fingers or headed in tiny mouths.
My reflexes have to be on the ball now with a tiny tot crawling around!

Do this ring true to anyone else?
Well, I found something great, actually two something greats.  Things so simple and quick that I'm left wondering "Why didn't I think of that!?!"
Simple, right?! Take a $2 roller from Home Depot and $5 velcro rollers from Target and BAM! you have your no vacuum solution!
But check this out...
Seriously? A TOILET BRUSH! {new, obviously:)} $3 solution, guys!  How great is that?!
Thanks to The Seasoned Homemaker, my life just got a little bit simpler!

{photo credit goes to The Seasoned Homeaker}