New Arrival! Roots and Wings by Deena Rutter

I absolutely adore Roots and Wings by Deena Rutter!  The happy flowers, sweet song birds and perfect combination of cheerful colors brings joy to my heart. The grassy green and brown colors echo the garden where the roots grow and turn into beautiful yellow, blue and coral flowers.  This collection would be perfect for a cozy quilt and home d├ęcor accents. 

Take a look at this new arrival at:
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9 Spooktacular Children's Costumes

Having a hard time figuring out what your little one should be this Halloween?

Well, I've search and found some pretty great ones.

9 Spookatcular DIY Children's Halloween Costumes.

These costumes are simple, with the wow factor.



Cinderella {or could be modified to any princess, really.}

Okay, this should really count as more than one, they were all darling and I couldn't choose.


Snow White.
Wish I had seen this last year when my daughter was Snow White, so super cute and a great addition to the dress up collection!

Owl, again.
So I like owls :)

Mouse Trap.
Isn't this fantastic!  What's even better the kid gets to ride around and you don't have to hear whining cause they are tired!  Win-Win!

A favorite of mine.

Feature: Butterfly Dance

Where to start?

Butterfly Dance by Cinderberry Stitches for Riley Blake brings me right back to my childhood.

It's carefree and whimsical.  I feel like i'm running around chasing the butterflies in my backyard!

The bold soothing color combinations of the pinks and greens and blues mesh perfectly together, giving a sense of the grass, the sky and the butterflies dancing.

Come check out our selection of precuts in this darling collection.

Get swept away to your childhood and get your hands on Butterfly Dance, today.

Trick or Treat.

So, I usually get my kids those typical plastic pumpkins to go trick or treating, but let me tell ya, they are a pain to store!

This year I really wanted to just make them each their own bucket or bag.  So I went searching to find a good bag that I would be able to easily tuck away in a box after Halloween to be used for years to come!

Here is some of what I found!

 Trick or Treat Bag from The Mother Huddle

*wouldn't this be fun with this?

Sew Fishsticks has their spin on a treat bag.  I like how sturdy these look, but yet still easily stored!

These just may be my favorites.

Some fun with felt.  Check out these bags.

And last, but not least,
Some fun with stitches on these bags.

What's your vote? Which bag should I pick?

Extra Savings just for you!

Here's a look at where you can save big this week!

10% of Avant Garden by MoMo for Moda

Double the fun with two new items at 20% off

Forest Friends by Ingrid Slyder for Moda


Rocket Age by October Afternoon for Riley Blake

30 % off Summer Breeze by Bella Blvd for Riley Blake
*hurry our supply is almost gone on this one!!!

And great deal of the week, 40% off Bee My Honey by Mary Jane for Moda

13 Sooktacular Days of Savings

Happy "almost" Halloween.  To celebrate my favorite holiday we are going to have 13 not so scary days of Spooktacular savings.  Check back with us each day to see what Spooktacular deal we have going for the next 13 days.

Today's Spooktacular Deal - 20% off all full priced Charm Packs and 5" Squares.  Time to stock up on what ever you have been eying.  No coupon needed, discount given at check out.  Good until midnight e.s.t.

New Arrival! Red, White and Free

SandyGervais brings us her perfectly patriotic collection from Moda.  Red, White and Free depicts the festivities during the Fourth of July and reminds us of how fortunate we are to live in a free country.  The flags, stars, cute polka dots and stripes in different shades of red and blue make me eager for next year’s Fourth of July.  This collection would be perfect for a quilt and holiday decorations. 

Check out this new arrival at:

This Way: Simply Sew Southern Pattern & Tutorial

It's time for another quilt tutorial!

This way is a quick and simple pattern using charms and layer cakes.

Supplies needed:

15 white - 10 x 5.5 rectangles { I just used a  Bella Solids White Layer Cake for Moda, 
                                        *their new Jr. Layer Cakes come with 20 so they would work out perfectly!}
1 Charm Pack {I used Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie & Camille for Moda}
1 White Charm Pack { or I used white yardage from Happy Go Lucky that I had}
8 Red - 2.5 x 45 in strips for sashing { I used Bella Solids Red Jelly Roll for Moda, 
                                         *there is also a Jr. Jelly Roll with 20 strips!!!}
1.5 yds backing {of 44 wide fabric}
1/2 yd Binding {or 5 - 2.5 in strips of fabric}

Yields: one crib quilt 42 x 47

Now let's get to the making it part!

Step 1.  
Choose 33 prints from your charm pack and pair each one with one white charm.
So you would now have 33 pairs {one print one white} 

Step 2.
With right sides together, sew all four sides.

Step 3.
Take your ruler and cut from corner to corner in both directions. { see 2nd picture from the left}

Step 4.
Now press each of the 4 squares open and square up your squares.

Repeat steps 2-4 for each of the 33 charms. 
{it's a lot of squares to press and square up...but oh so worth the outcome!}

Step 5.
Now that there is 4 squares for each print, take all 4 and sew them back together in an arrow, like the picture below.
*note: you will have 3 that are just a total of two square {like the first picture} the rest, you will use all 4.

Step 6.
Lay out all your arrows and arrange them by twos with a space between. {See below}
Once you have decided your color configuration, sew as such:

Even Rows:
Two arrows, one white 10 x 5.5 piece, two arrows, one white 10 x 5.5 piece, two arrows

Odd Rows:
Your half arrow, one white 10 x 5.5 piece, 2 arrows, one white 10 x 5.5 piece, 2 arrows, one white 8 x 5.5 piece {this is trimmed on odd rows only}

Step 7.
Sew rows together with sashing.
*This is just longer than one strip of a jelly roll, so each row will need part of the 8th 2.5 inch red strip to make each row 47 inches long.

Step 8.
Get backing {I did scrappy, a. because I didn't have enough of the floral print on hand, and b. I love scrappy backs!}
Put together with quilt top, batting and backing and quilt.

Step 9. 

Step 10.
Sit back and gawk at your beautiful new quilt!